Meshes and UV

Hi people,
i think the Cylinder, Cone and Sphere meshes should have independent U and V resolutions to avoid this kind of artefacts.
In the current state are unusable in combination with texture.
Just a test with the cone mesh with different tesselation settings.


It does look cool though.


please check latest previews. cylinder and cone now have individual tesselation for both dimensions. please let us know if this solves your issue. if not, we’d need more details.

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Much better indeed, they work for me.
Thank you so much for the update.


Hi, sorry for open this melon again, after playing with them a bit more i miss some features.
would it be possible to have more UV settings than just Scale?
I’m thinking on UV offset and eventually Rotation.
Also and option to remove the Cap or Lid in the Cone.

That would be awesome


Or what about just a Transform pin for the UV control?

Hey @lasal !

Just for historic purposes, I will reply here as well:

The Capped option is already there for Cylinder (mesh and entity) in current preview builds.

I will add the Capped and GenerateBackFace options for Cone too in the next couple of days.

As for the UV transform, I mentioned this to the devvvvs and I believe you should be getting an answer from them soon.



Thank you Randal! great job man

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