Mesh transformation with rigid handles

Hi all,

I need to do a mesh transformation where the mesh snaps rigid to my handles, but the mesh is resampled smooth.
I would say it’s something like a 2d Hermite resample. See my Patch below.
As far as I can see the ‘B-Spline (3D Surface).v4p’ can’t help me with rigid handles.

Anyone has an alternative approach ?

V01-HermiteMeshResample-WIP.v4p (31.5 kB)

Not that I can help you but have a look at this video…

Jochen, meet me on skype.


great link. inspiring. anyone up to create the project for 3D?

@kalle: thanks for your delauney approach. still wonder how to achive those smooth interpolations.

@io: yep thats what i had in mind. thanks for the link. here’s another one:

i’ll spend the rest of the evening reading the papers and unterstand what they do …

this one is similar and open source