Mesh + texture

I suppose this is a very simple question: I want to texture a collada mesh of a bowling pin. But there is only black. If I try this texturing on the example files /assets/geometries/ it works with astroBoy_walk.dae, it works with 2-subset-cube.dae, but it doesn’t work with soft-cube.dae. It works with primitives, with the tea-pot.
What I’m doing wrong?
Thanks for your support.

Hey welcome to vvvv. Seems your your 3D model is missing texture coordinates. Take a look at the ColladaFile (EX9.Geometry) help patch, there is a node called vertex decleration. It will report some info about your 3D model. When the model misses texture coordinates, you can not map a texture to it.
See the difference on 2-subset-cube.dae vs soft-cube.dae.



You need to generate texture coordinates for the mesh in your 3D modeling software.

Hi Matthias, It sounds like either
a) the textures for the dae arent’t where vvvv can find them (Check the ‘TextureFileName’ pin of the Mesh node, or
b) maybe the image file type isn’t being happily read by the ‘filetexture’ node.

What are you doing wrong? Nothing, mate, all part of learning ;-)

thanks a lot for your fast request, it seems to be the problem, that tgd describes: missing textures ccordinates. So I have to figure out, how to generate them in blender.

Best regards

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