Mesh texture coordinates?


I don’t know how to compute texture coordinates for my mesh.

I applied simple coordinates that would corespond to two triangles but that works only for certain mesh resolutions (3,6,7,10,12,14…).

please take a look.
Open: deworm Help.v4p

tnx (13.0 kB)

Usually , i use a grid node >> meshsplit >> vertexbuffersplit (in the inspektor enable the texture coordinate ) if you are using the same definition for the grid than your mesh, you should get the right texture coordinate from the vertexbuffersplit, and i do the same for the indexes.
funny worm btw


thank you. stupid me totaly misunderstood texture coordinate maps.
Now I can see how simple it is.

And yes, it would be easier to use grid, wrap it around center line, remap vertices and apply deformations. Spent some night hours building this little diddy, but hey, that was my first project. Well… learning is fun.

tnx sanch ;)

pretty clean patching for the first project!


i am using beta 9.10

Mesh (EX9.Geometry.Split) doesn’t output indices until I connect Vertex Buffer pin.

is this a bug?

it´s not realy a bug , it´s for optimization…