Mesh SubsetsJoin bug with /dx9ex


Mesh (Ex9.Geometry Join Subsets) with /dx9ex switch doesn’t work

but VertexBuffer+Mesh combo works.

see attached patch


MeshSubsetJoinBug.v4p (8.6 kB)

does anyone know a workaround to work with current beta texture sharing feature and mesh subsets?


this crap absence of CONS GEOMETRY MAKES ME SICK!!!
Devs pls i have to write stuiped X’s all the time, i have to write them one by one and writer don’t even have textransform input WTF? this year 1984 or what???

just tested with last alpha 28.3
same problem…tty doesn’t report any errors

strange !

sry guys.
won’t have the time for these couple lines of code to make it compatible with dx9ex until in 2 weeks.
anyone is wellcome though, to fix it in the public repo.

should be close to vux 2d mesh fix for dx9ex ?

Fixed for next addon pack