Mesh skinning using dx11


i try to get mesh skinning working with dx11 /assimp nodes - i ported the skinning shader but it seems that the blendweights are not part of DX11.indexed Geometry. or am i wrong?

  • what about the skinning geomFX from mre2 - are there any examples?


this one works

with best wishes from microdee

This is a rough working port of the AssetsDB project to DX11

no contribution update because it awaits some fundamental new approach soon.

AnimatedCharacter DX11.rar (20.2 MB)

Ah and now I also found that initial example from microdee

It works with instancing

Requires Emeshe or MREmod2

note it doesnt use assimp node and I also couldnt test so far the latest dx11 alpha build but it uses the old collada node and wraps it for dx11

dx11 skinning (4.1 MB)

thanks for your efforts. will try that out tomorrow and get back to you.



Blend indices/weight are loaded by assimp if available.

For skinning (skeleton support), this is added in latest alpha.

just did not see an output pin e.G. for bindposes…

thanks - for sharing - good examples!

33.7 here and this is just not working, models is either just standing and moving in circle or break apart with wierd transformation when i turn on collada

i just want to place a non human model with animation into project, and cant find a way to do it

i found emeshe example from microdee work, but i would like to use default dx11, not emeshe for this :/

///nevermind, i realized i can just reuse the microdee example for normal dx11, still some definitive answers to this topic would be cool, with help file that works etc

moments later…
this could help: DX11 DAE Skinning Animation