Mesh Null output

Just been messing with mesh distortion, but when I switch the input to a different mesh I get a null output on the indices pin of the mesh node.

Ok, I shutdown vvvv, which hung when shutting down, on rebooting windows it works again…
Let you knowif it happens again!


This seems to happen rather a lot, get null output then when closing vvvv it crashes.
I was just getting a rather strange strobing with mesh distoriton patch too, th colour just seemed to flickering between shadow and light.

concerning the Null output.
is it this bug:
Mesh (Split) doesn’t output indices if not connected to a Vertexbuffer (Split)

or is it more complex?

the other one with the strobe effect is unknown. do you have a bug patch which you can share?


Its using the meshdestortion patch, mainly it will happen when switching between objects on the switch at the top, but also when increasing spread counts on a multiplier patched into it. further down the line. The strobing wa from spreading too far I think!
It feels like a memory error, kind of if you ask it to do too much it craps out, usually with things like that vvvv will recover if you reduce the spread count, I so rarely get crashes when patching vvvv it makes me wonder how the hell you’ve managed it!
I’ll try and tidy something up and get it to crash on demand then let you see it,
hang on a bit…