Mesh Join Subsets stops displaying anything

Hi evvvveryone,

I’ve been experiencing a bug for some days now.
The new Mesh Join Subsets Node from time to time suddenly stops displaying anything. It’s still outputting 48 slices of Mesh, but the connected Constant doesn’t show anything. Same applies for Drawfixed or any other shader.
The problem even seems to appear if I’m just scrolling the patch, not patching anything.

TTY doesn’t show any error, so does ExceptionDialog.

I know, it’s not much helpful information, but it’s a start.
Anyone else having this problem?

Furthermore, if a Nil was connected to the IndicesXYZ, the Node won’t stop outputting Nil, recreating the Node fixes it.

Win7 64bit running on Bootcamp …


hey, try to set Apply pin to 1 with toggle not bang

Hi bo27,

Mesh Join Subsets doesn’t have an Apply Pin anymore.
I could recreate the problem selecting a Subpatch of mine (It happened several times), the Mesh disappeared.

Restarting vvvv fixed it, afterwards selecting the Subpatch didn’t cause the problem again.

I don’t know how to track this one down, as no error messages are displayed.


Oh well.
Seems like that Subpatch causes the problem.
I deleted it from my root, afterwards the mesh stayed alive.
When putting it back in, the Mesh disappeared instantly - even if the Subpatch wasn’t connected to anything.

See attached patch - its purpose is to outputting Bins of connected Vertices of a Mesh.
I know, I can imagine there’s an easier approach to this problem, but it works ;)

So, why could that Subpatch possibly make some independent Mesh disappear?


InterconnectedVertices.v4p (11.4 kB)

@readme: can you provide a patch demonstrating that bug?

and i don’t exactly get what you are calculating with your subpatch…

Hi woei,

I attached a small sample patch which recreates the problem.
Right-Click the InterconnectedVertices Subpatch and the Mesh will vanish.

I realized that it was kind of pointless to GetSlice the Vertices (basically duplicating some of them) and using the I-Spread for the Indices - instead of just connecting the spread of desired indices to the IndicesXYZ-Pin right away, which works just fine.
Btw, in this case opening the Subpatch works just fine, without anything messing up.

I’m not that experienced, I can imagine that maybe a mesh doesn’t expect to have Vertices with the same Coordinates and unique indices. But I’ve seen X-Files which had duplicate Vertices as well (after importing in vvvv only, in Blender/C4D everything was fine).

No idea what I thought when patching it this way, nevermind. Works until opening the Subpatch as well.

Considering the Point of the Subpatch:
I basically input the indices and amount of unique vertices of my mesh, and it will output which vertices are connected (using the binsize to getslice a specific point’s “neighbours”). Not very elegant, but it did the job at that time.


Ok, I got why I patched it that way. Since each vertex is assigned a unique texture coordinate, Texture Mapping will be a problem if vertices are shared on polys … (9.6 kB)

I just noticed that you just need to hover the mouse over one of the outputs for it to disappear.

Since a subpatch is involved I am wondering it this problem could be related somehow to this problem: ?


aight, partly my fault

seems like the plugin is not always refreshing when it should.

why does vvvv call a refresh on the plugin when hovering over the pin of another subpatch?
i saw, that addonfactory seems to be working hard. searching for new addons (maybe because plugins and modules are in that subpatch)

check what you get out of that getslice: just two points: index 2 and 1. inserting valid point triples it still works.
you don’t see anything after opening the subpatch, because the plugin refreshes the mesh and only takes the 2 inputs as vertices and thus doesn’t display anything.

until i fix the plugin force the plugin to refresh by changing the bin size

Hi woei, thanks for your reply!

I don’t quite get what you mentioned about the GetSlice, it outputs 27 coordinates/9 vertices for me, not just 2. 9 Indices as well, so what am I missing here?



maybe you just found a different bug…

check the indices coming out of the Substitute (Spreads)
as soon, as you hover over any output pin of your subpatch or open it, it changes to 9 slices only containing 1 and 2. you can also check via displaying the vertices you get out of getslice connection to a transform and a quad.
in the end, Mesh (EX9.Geometry Join Subsets) cannot deal with only 2 vertices.

so, rather seems like a Substitute (Spreads) bug

thx, nice catch!