Mesh Instancer ComputeShader Issues

i’m trying to use the Mesh vertex positions in a compute shader to instanciate a geometry but somehow it doesn’t work.

Any hint would be awesome.
Thanks (12.2 KB)

It looks almost correct, with only some byte/float/vertex size/element count issues in the patch. however, the main issue seems to be that the vertex buffers cannot be bound to a compute shader because the raw buffer flag is missing. this needs a minor change in stride.

if it is static meshes, another method would be to use mesh split and upload the positions into an immutable buffer. or copy the whole vertex buffer into a compute buffer.

let me know if you need any specific help with any of that.

Hey, thanks for taking care of this.

The Mesh split option doesn’t fit in my scenario.

Copying the Vertex Buffer into a compute buffer seems the way to go since i want to do certain “heavy” operations with the mesh before instancing.

How can i copy Vertex Buffer into a Compute Buffer? do i need an extra shader?


Any news on this topic would like to read positions from a mesh to spawn particles