Mesh from points (connect points to mesh)

Hi there,

I’m trying to connect points to a mesh. I’ve got an Illustrator File with anchor points which I export (X and Y coordinates) to an XML.
Those points get parsed and stored in a spread.
Now I try to generate a mesh based on those points.

I’ve tried it with a vertex buffer and a mesh, but its hard to find out which points need to be connected.

Is there a easier solution to this problem? I hope I explained it understandable :)

I’m using vvvv beta 27 right now

Thanks a lot for you help

You could try Polygon (EX9.Geometry 2d)

i don’t have a Polygon EX9 althought I installed the addonpack. Installation by dragging the content of the addonpack inside the base vvvv folder, right?

ah made a mistake. got it :) try that now, thanks

unfortunately it didn’t work out right out of the box. maybe I’m still doing something wrong, but connecting the 2d vectors of my coordinates to the polygone produces some strange image.

it seems that my coordinates are wrong! because the polygone mesh works fine when I type in the x and y by hand.

Thanks a lot!