Mesh(EX9.Geometry Join Subsets) don't work if a mesh has many faces

Hi guys.

I’d like to use Mesh(EX9.Geometry Join Subsets) for create mesh that has a lot of faces.
But it doesn’t work at some situations.
I guess the node isn’t working if “FaceCount” > 2^16(65535).
I attached a patch of failed situation. Please see it.

Then, anyway, I wanna use the “Indices Bin Size” pin of Mesh(EX9 Geometry Join Subsets).
Does someone know workarounds ? or it will be fixed ?


(I’m using vvvv_45beta32.1(32bit).)

EX9MeshSubset.v4p (7.5 kB)

P.S. Mesh(EX9.Geometry Join) works well under the situation.

hei yhy, i tried a quick fix. please test with latest alpha and report.

Thank you joreg!
But, I can see it hasn’t been working yet.
I checked with alpha(f712b3736e) and addonpack(f712b3736e).
This is the latest version, isn’t it?
Could you see the patch I attached above ?

indeed there was more to fix. pls check again.

Great! It’s working very well now. thank you.