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Hi all,
two things:
-is there a possibility to add LASSO MODE for points selection?
In some (mapping) scenario the endless drawing rectangles could be really tedious task.
-how to patch persistent version of point editor? To use old PointEditorWriter I can get points data from VL module, but from where I can get cluster data?
PointEditorWriter.v4p (29.8 KB)

hey dimix, you speak in riddles…

your title says “Mesh Editor VL” but there isn’t such a thing. b36 comes with MeshEditor (EX9) which allows you to load/save .x files and allows standard marquee selection of nodes. are you refering to that?

what do you mean with “lasso mode”?
and PointEditor (2d/3d) shipping with b36 both allow you to save/load points. so what are you using an “old PointEditorWriter” for? and what do you mean with “cluster data”?

hey joreg,
yes - I’m referring to MeshEditor (EX9) with VL node inside

I can’t VL and asking if possible to add lasso tool for selection

[cocoa - Algorithm to implement a lasso selection tool? - Stack Overflow](http://Algorithm to implement a lasso selection tool)

In old betas we had PointEditor (3D Persistent) where you could save beside X file the session itself (via PointEditorWriter) with *.VPE file. It just found this workflow more flexible especially if you have multiple sessions/rehearsals etc. Now if I want to save temp changes/version I always need to rename X file. Otherwise I overwrite X file and have no option - revert to saved. And that’s is quite sensitive cause there is no UNDO for editing in the Renderer.

hope it’s a bit more clear now.

ok, such a lasso tool is a good idea, certainly doable, but nothing promised as to when it would be implemented.

if you’re looking for the functionality of previous PointEditor (3D Persistent) then simply take PointEditor (3d) now, which can save/load the data to .xml files.

have you tried ctrl+z (undo) ctrl+shift+z? those are actually available for all new editors!

saving/reading xml works. Thanks!
but Undo - not working. neither ctrl+z, nor over menu.

undo not working is odd. can you try this on another pc?

for full listing of functionality see:

UNDO is working. I’ve found that the renderer should be focus/active to take effect of shortcut ctrl+z.
the UNDO menu command is responsable for actions inside UI only and can’t be used for points editing.

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