Mesh doesn't cast Shadows changing computer

This is very very hard to explain…
I have two compu, desktop and laptop. I’m preparing a performance with the desktop, then I go with the laptop to show it.

Since I’m just starting with the shadows, I’m using the setting I’ve found in girlpower directory. That patch works great with the Teapot in both my computer. Follow me, now:

I have an object made with some mesh (25) and this object cast shadows ONLY on the desktop, when I move all on the Laptop the shadows are missing. Any idea?

just to explain better… this is what happens on the desktop, with one simple mesh:

and this is the laptop

helo luper,

hard to guess as long as you cannot provide a patch that demonstrates the troubles for us. but usually when a patch behaves differently on 2 pcs it could be related to graphiccards drivers. make sure that on both pcs you have the latest versions installed. it could also be though that your laptops cards simply doesn’t have the needed capabilities. what card is it on both your pcs?