Merge meshes

Hi, I want to merge all the meshes of one model into a single mesh. is it possible?
The result must be a mesh (not a model).
I tried the getMeshes node, but I get either a single mesh or a list of all meshes, but I can´t merge them into a new mesh

I think you get one mesh per material from getmeshes.
try assigning the same material to the ones you need unified.

sebl, they already have the same material

then merge them in your 3d software?

I need to have both options. I splitted them in my 3d software to use with different textures, but I also want the option of having the whole mesh in order to deform it the way I want

the getMeshes node used to have a merge meshes pin, but it´s gone. that´s exactly want I need.
isn´t there any other node that does this?

maybe upload a patch here that demonstrates your goal and the problems to achieve that?

i made a simple version of the patch showing the problem.
use the .dae attached to view what is going on.
teste_merge_mesh.vl (36.6 KB) (1.7 MB)

one option is make something like a ForEach and apply the effect to each one separately, but the best option would be merge all the meshes from the model and apply the effect on it, because I have many other effects and each one has a different way of connecting.

I found a way of doing it. don´t know if it will work with all the effects, but it worked for the first one.
teste_merge_mesh1.vl (28.9 KB)