Merge faces

Hi evverybody,

I’m trying to merge two faces. Using CircleReveal shader I get a good result, but I didn’t manage to un-center the effect on the texture ?

It’s easier to understand with the patch attached:)

Thanks for your help…

PS: For the moment it’s on a fixed image but it will be on a realtime video, with the head moving on the video. (131.8 kB)

Just one more info,

I also tryed with .png, and but as explained in the patch attached the transparent color of the png works great, but I didn’t succeed to remove the black color to get the same effect than the shader in my previous post… (328.5 kB)

Hi again,

Seems that there is no simple way to do this simple effect on vvvv… Do you have any suggestion on how I could modify the CircleReveal shader? Is is possible ? As I just need to change the focus point of the effect, I supposed it’s something about X and Y coordinate? As I never made a shader myself, if you could help me for the starting point…

Thanks by advance,

Thanks to LeClonneur help,

You can find attached the solution to the problem. (2.7 MB)