Memorylak @ the GDI renderer inside the Perfmeter.

more details please!

  • reduce the patch to a minimum of nodes needed to reproduce the leak
  • how exactly do you observe the leak?

It seems to be the GDITexture (EX9.Texture) , but the error encountered just on 2 out of 5 tested pcs.
The patch became slower and slower when opened, and the task manager shows the used memory counting up when the node is created and active.

Got that here too!
Can I ask for an undo limit pin for the undo node again too!
My vj patch is loosing lots of memory!

@cat: i dont expect this to be memory put aside for undo. undo memory gets only used, when manual interactions appear (or SetPatch (VVVV) is used). so just running a patch will usually not consume undo memory.

@milo; phl: the more important issue: does the problem goes away, when you disable the Text node within the GDI renderer? we had this issue once, but it was impossible to reproduce on any development machine. so here we might get a second chance. i suspect something in windows font caching goes wrong here.

I use create node a lot, to switch patches and sub patches, each time uses a little more memory until things go slowwwwwwwww. It was suggested that this could be the undo buffer filling up, if this is the case limiting undo via a pin would mean for performances I could limit my losses!

Can I bump this again? Alternately, does the undo still function when shutup is used, I havent actually checked this to see, but if it disabled undo that would be great for me and my many create nodes and long running patches…

while this still has nothing to do with the initially observed memoryleak, cat may be pleased to hear that Undo (VVVV) has just received an Enabled pin that will be shipping with all betas>18.

Cheers Joreg!

I think I’ve found a memory leak, too. I’ve tested versions beta 17 and 19 - it’s always the same. I create an empty patch and add only an IOBox Value Advanced node. Whenever I change its input value, the windows taskmanager shows, that memory usage is increasing (and doesn’t shrink again afterwards).
Even if I create a simple text node, the memory consumption increases whenever I move this node around (about 1-4KB per change). Can anyone else reproduce this?

@drjones: this is again the undo-buffer. if in beta19 you set Undo (VVVV) to Enabled=0 then you should not see that memory-increase with every action.

yep, disabling the undo buffer helped. thanks.