Memory tricks , xp , win7

Hello guys ,
i did a project last month where i had to use many textures and videos , and had many problem with it so now that storm went away i would like to know if you guys had trick or recomendations for projects with many textures and many videos as for the memory not to run out very quick .

I got the project working in my old laptop running xp 2gb memmory and nvidia 8600 GT . but surprinisngly i was running out of memory really quick in new computer with more memory and suppose better graphics with win7 32 and win7 64 . why i never found out .

what is best way to preaload images ?
what video format will cost less pain to memory ?
what is best imgage format to preaload images and memory friendly ?
do you guys now some tweking for the Gpu or system os memory to give some diferent behaviours for giving priority in memory to the gpu to the system etc ?

if system run out of memory what is the best way to do a complete memory flush of it from vvvv or part of it . So you can load new items and delete old from memory ?

i will higly apreciate any hints , links or tips realted to that matter .

bests and thanks

thats really odd… with vvvv you should be able to load about 2GB of textures into the ram. there is a little hack with which you can use 3GB…

the fastes way to load images is in .dds format, if the FileTexture node is set to one of the DXT formats, then the texture is compressed in memory also, with it you can load much more images… 4-8 times more.


can we learn the hack ;]

great question, i want to do a quick seek over a 720p video, the idea its to seek the video with a mouse imput or kinect imput, so i need to be able to scratch the video back and foward.

there was a way to use the texture node as a spread, so you get all the frames in memory and its reallyy fast, i need to search a litle more.

regarding win7, try to disable the aero interface.
i will try the tonfilm advice and the texture-converter node, i didt know that trick! :)

here is a hint on the 3GB hack, use the imagecfg.exe with the -L switch:
system recommendations#64 bit operating systems

vjc4, how long is the video?
do you have a ssd? i was able to load 720p .dds files from a good ssd with 60fps… assuming you video has only 25 fps it should work quite well… but no sound then, ofc.

IMAGECFG: Invalid switch - /l
usage: IMAGECFG [switches](switches) image-names...
              [-?](-?) display this message
              [-s path to symbol files](-s path to symbol files)
              [-v MajorVersion.MinorVersion](-v MajorVersion.MinorVersion)
              [-w Win32 GetVersion return value in hex](-w Win32 GetVersion return value in hex)
              [-a Process Affinity mask value in hex](-a Process Affinity mask value in hex)
              [-u Marks image as uniprocessor only](-u Marks image as uniprocessor only)
              [-r run with restricted working set](-r run with restricted working set)
              [-b BuildNumber](-b BuildNumber)
              [-g bitsToClear bitsToSet](-g bitsToClear bitsToSet)
              [-o default critical section timeout
              [-d decommit thresholds](-d decommit thresholds)
              [-m maximum allocation size](-m maximum allocation size)
              [-t VirtualAlloc threshold](-t VirtualAlloc threshold)
              [-p process heap flags](-p process heap flags)


There are different versions of imagecfg, one supports the -l switch others don´t. Try the alternate way using masmdl (also explained on the system recommendations page). BTW vvvv should be able to use up to 4 GB of Ram
(not 3) but make sure you are using a 64 bit OS with at least 6GB Ram installed otherwise you will run into trouble.

In my opinion DXT5 has the best quality to memory ratio. With some content you will experience compression artefacts though. wohhoo!

once again tonfilm saves the day ;]
used masmdl way

had to spend an hour searching for correct imagecfg version; finally found at some ftp inside system files

imagecfg -l (correct old version) (24.8 kB)

wow , thanks guys a few things to try out ;D

any hints for emptying , flushing the memory , only way i found to mount unmount , it is to use a swith string node in the filetexture one input nothing the other the pictures ,