Memory leak in SKIA blur

preview 385. took me quite a while to find the little bugger:

memory leak.vl (17.7 KB)

Hi @schlonzo,

thank you, confirmed.
We are investigating.


Hi @schlonzo,

it turned out (as @Elias has found out), that setting the GRContext’s Cache (use the GRContext node) back to 16MB again (in was increased in in 2021.4) helps.

Also, in your particular patch I would rather use ImageFilter’s Blur and apply it to the whole Layer, like so (there is no leak if the ImageFilter or MaskFilter is not used in ForEach):


Will it work for you?

We’ll also update the help patches, to clarify MaskFilters/ImageFilters:
“Mask filters are effects that manipulate the geometry and alpha channel of graphical objects.
If you want to blur an entire image (or Layer) use the ImageFilter’s Blur instead.”


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