Memory leak affecting damper

hum i m sure its not coming from damper, but i have in 26 this kind of troubles

input is artnet and ok, not spreaded ( getslice)

also having a texture assigned to a quad jumping inside others quads.
i m using get slice node to run through textures in dds in different folders.

the number you see is very small! the damper is an iterative process, which (in theory) never reaches the destination. written in decimal it is:
so, its the same as before, but the new tooltip gives you this representation. the old tooltip was rounding to 0.

hi tonfilm,
first nice to read you ;-), second, you sure ?
because when damper has this value, i have a NIL effect from it affecting transform to wich its connected.

I m in rehearsals, live patching, and its really first time i have this bug.