Mem leak in VL editor

While editing a vl document each little change leads to recompile - maybe it’s wrong word, I mean little orange stripe beside quad menu, - and the same time used mem is rising and never cleans back.


I have seen this as well

In recent 2021.4 builds our shader node factory also parses the shader files in order to extract more information through attributes. For example one can set the category, default texture formats, help texts etc. Also a lot more shaders had been added with the latest TextureFX changes. In general reading the information on what shaders are available became much more expensive. The used caching strategy therefor didn’t suffice anymore.

In upcoming builds (>= 2021.4-0068) the caching strategy has been refined, the node descriptions will be kept in memory as long as no changes in the shader files are detected and therefor the rather long delay you mentioned after each patch change should be gone.


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