Meganimation - software issue


My name is Jasper and im having a software related problem. First of all, dont mind my english for it is rubish!

Me and my friend are working on a project called ‘Meganimation’.
This is a animation project witch combines animation with street
theatre. you can see some results on:

My problem is very small. We shoot frames with a webcam, these frames
are saved as a sequence in a map. This map is shared with dropbox and synced with 2nd computer.
What we want to do is project this sequence from the 2nd computer with a beameron a wall on another location.
Im trying to find software witch has this function. It doesnt have te be more than a slideshow viewer with only a few options:

  • loop sequence
  • recognise newcoming frames
  • play with a framerate of 8 fr/p/sec
  • it has to run on a normal computer (slower)


does anyone know software that had these functions?
or does anyone know how to script such software to use for our project?


vvvv lets you to do all of that and more, but this is visual programmation: you need first to learn a little bit from vvvv principes : documentation You have to begin your project from scratch.

about normal computer aspect , it is quite realistic to say that your needs are very simple and should be for a simple looping sequence of image display not asking so much ressources.

if Dropbox downloads you in a folder on your computer the images, this will be quite easy to check the content of this folder… and add them in your animation loop