Mediapipe Face detector

Hi vvvv user,

I am trying to perform face detection with Mediapipe and OpenCV but I am having trouble getting it to work. Do you have an example to show me how to perform face detection? Thank you

Hi @visionnocturne,

for both you can find useful help patches in the help browser.

OpenCV: ### HowTo Detect faces.vl
MediaPipe: ### HowTo Use MediaPipe.vl → activate “Detect faces” as well as the Preview to see the detection, however you may still need to read out the given results from the “FaceDetector” Node below (If you don’t achieve to read it out, i can upload a patch later).

You will need to change the webcam input on the respective node and it should work.
Be aware: in both cases you should only have one patch open using the webcam resource.
Considering performance and stability of recognition and tracking, i can recommend MediaPipe over OpenCV.

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Ok Thank you Benju, I see the detection face and find the good patch. best mike

Hi, how you maybe read the data from media pipe?
I have the face detector, then a bounding Rect inside a foreach loop, then a fromSequence, I always end up with a rectangle, with x,y, width, height values that i can not read. I mean i can not get them individual, so i can use them.

face detector.vl (53.6 KB)
Hi [Phaidonas]
I hope that the patch helps you