MediaFoundation VideoIn - Texture or Image?

The VideoIn of the latest prerelease of MediaFoundation outputs a Stride Texture, the latest stable release outputs an Image. Is there a specific reason why it has been removed and what will survive?

Just discovered by Motzi and me in preparation for a students course, it actually comes in handy for Skia…

the texture one will be the one we will ship with upcoming version. we also renamed the package:

we thought it is better for beginners to see a “Video” category as main category.

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this would mean one has to bundle stride libraries with an exported application, even though the application just uses skia rendering - right?
also to have an Image from the VideoPlayer or VideoIn it involves a copy to GPU and back again? can this be handled more efficient somehow?

MediaFoundation decodes on the GPU (at least it tries to do that for most codecs), so the output of the library is a texture. that means you have to copy back when you want an image.

but there is nothing stopping us from adding a CPU/Image only package at a later point.

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As of 2021.4 the VL.Video.MediaFoundation nuget is now shipping with vvvv. It comes with two nodes: VideoIn (Skia) and VideoIn (Stride) for the two backends.

this is still true for now.

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