Measuring performance of a tracker function


I am trying to measure the performance of a created ArucoMarkerOutput function. I pressed ctrl + f9 to turn on debugging mode and to see the timing of the nodes.

I just want to confirm if the 12779.6 microseconds shown in the image below is the timing it takes for vvvv to process a single frame of the created ArucoMarkerOutput function?

As my camera input is 30fps, can I assume that if multiply 12779.6 by 30 I can get the time it takes to track and process 30 frames in real time?

Hi, this is not the time it takes (at list in seconds), there few other nodes like timestamp you can try to check how much time frame took, or timing, that would give you your current fps…

As for the VL plug itself, there are different options that could prevent you from getting accurate timing like I don’t know if it drops frames, if it’s async and so on… in VL you should prolly check debug options for VL…

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yes, but take those values with a grain of sand. you might get better results if you’re doing the same in vvvv gamma, ie omitting the possible overhead that comes from VL being hosted in vvvv beta.

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Thank you for the answers. I think I understand now.

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