Me again. Single video output onto several screens

I have a video that i want to split onto 4 or 9 seperate televisions. Is i possible to send certain parts of a video to certain screens?
For instance the bottom left quarter to one screen, bottom right quarter to another, and so on.



if you really mean televisions, you’ll need some really expensive video hardware. I don’t know of any off hand. If it exists it would be very specialist and from my experience very very expensive.

It is possible and probably cheaper to have lots of video cards in your PC, or lots of PCs grouped together using boygrouping, or a combination of the both. Then connect each output from the cards to a scan converter. Then connect all the scan converters to the TVs.

Yeah it is expensive and very specialist. I have been looking into it for some time. I create lots of video installations you see. I came across vvvv and thought id give it a shot :)
But yeah the way I split it across 4 screens at the min is simply cutting the video into 4 on adobe premiere and then running it through 4 dvd players using the same remote so that the timing is right. Cheapest way I could find and works a treat, just painstakingly long. Haha

Thnaks for your help

dvd players and tv sets are ubiquitious these days. if it’s just a video loop you want, it’s a reasonable way to go.

i’m currently working on a piece that is not a video loop, but 6 tv sets (800x600px each) in span mode (4800x600px). what you’ll need is a fairly uptodate PC fitted with a dual-head graphics card, two TripleHead2Go adaptors, a VGA to TV (FBAS) adaptor for each tv. current tests with flatscreens set to 800x600px each were fine :)