Maximum FPS of Fiducial Tracker?

Hi there,

I’ve been playing around with the FiducialTracker with a GigE (IDS Imaging) cam that delivers 50 fps @ 1280x1024. When using the fiducial tracker on the video the output video is only about 25 fps.

No matter what I tried, I never could increase the frame rate of the tracker. Is this a limitation of the node? There is plenty of CPU headroom left, so i guess it has nothing to do with a slow machine.

I’m hoping to get a better time resolution than that when tracking.


hei motzi, there is no 25fps restriction. for me at runs at 30fps on the laptops built-in cam. does the fps increase when you set resolution lower?

are you sure there is cpu left? in nowadays multicore cpus the taskmanagers overall cpu% view is missleading. while it may still show a low cpu% individual cores may already be maxing out. and freeframe/tracking runs only on a single core…

Hey there,

im not sure what you trying to achieve but Ive had the same problem and then started using the Reactivision tracking Software:

You can then dedicate a few of your system resources ( CPU Cores ) and split the load between VVVV and Reactivision in the TaskManager.

I think the TUIO Decoder node you need to receive Reactivisions Tracking Data is now included in the addon pack?

Tip: If you cant get your Camera to work in Reactivision, simply deactivate all other Camera installed on your system in the windows Device Manager, Reactivision will then chose whats left.

hi again,

thanks joreg and gegenlicht and sorry for the late reply.
actually i tried a few things, i’ll try to explain:

  • cam is a uEye GigE capable of 1280x1024 @ 50fps.
  • i can use the camera in two ways in VVVV for tracking
    ** DirectShow drivers via VideoIn
    ** shared memory uEye nodes in VVVV
  • using both methods CPU utilization on the core that it is running on is about 60-70% (so i would say there is some headroom left)

with directshow/videoin

  • getting full resolution at around 17 fps
  • drivers option page does not allow detailed adjustment of camera properties (like pixelclock, …) which could be handy for detailed setting up

with uEye/shared memory nodes

  • resolution is definitely not 1280x1024, even though the shared memory node has this resolution as parameter. i can see that the resolution is not that high because edges are jaggy and tracking performance is worse than with the directshow setup of things.
  • fps is around 25fps

is there a way to setup the resolution of the uEye plugin?

of course i already tried also the reactivision software but performance is identical with the directshow setup.
that would argue for a low performance of the reactivision software with high resolutions or a poor directshow driver of the uEye…

anybody with other opinions on this? MSBERGER maybe?