Maximum coordinates?

hey all i have a question: is there a maximum value for xyz coordinates in the directx coordinate system? i am asking because i have a patch with a morphing line moving through space with a came4ra following… if i use a LFO for the Z coordinates, there is a short moment when lines are drawn from e.g. 100 to 0. i’d like to use a steadily growing value like framecount or something. would it reach a limit somewhen?


First you will see only 3d objects with their z position between the near and the far plane distance. normally this is -1 to +1 (siliarily to the borders of the screen, which cut out your scene in x and y at -1 and +1). As you would probably move a camera you probably correct for this automatically. if you like you can change this z clipping e.g. in the PerspectiveCamera or with a Scale in Z. Note that the depth buffering will work more precise if these planes are reasonably close together.

Similiarily (as will all floats) you will loose precision in your calculations when your numbers get to large. vvvv internally uses ieee doubles. as a rule of thumb this will allow something like 15 decimal digits in all numbers: so if you are staying between 0 and 1 you can have 15 digits after the comma, in case you have already 10 digits before the comma, you can use only 5 after the comma. this may influence your calculations considerably.
(note that the tooltip will still show you only 5 of these digits anyway, but be asssured that internally all calculations are done in greater precision)