Maximizing a renderer through nodes instead of manually?


In some cases ‘maximizing’ the renderer and removing the borders seems more stable than switching to fullscreen.

I have seen that I could probably remove the borders by using SetPatch and setting the border attribute to 0.

Does anyone know if we could use a programmable approach also for maximizing a renderer window easily (on the display it is currently in)? I don’t see any changes in the xml when I maximize a renderer.

Then there is the ‘Window’ node that seems to allow you to ‘do stuff with windows’, but I don’t see any pin that seems to switch a window to maximized there either.

Any ideas, or solutions to share?

You can try check help patch for node [Window (Windows]( But looks like HWND (Windows) is broken in Windows 8. If you can confirm, we can do bug report ).

there the modules SetRenderer and KillBorder floating around from a couple of years ago. still do the job.
setting the border via setpatch didn’t work - maybe it does now - the module sets the focus on the window and sends the key strokes