MAX <-> VVVV relational documentation

hello dear folks,

i’m completely new to VVVV and i’m liking it a lot, up till now. how ever coming from depth of MAX MSP, i’m most probably not the only person finding tons of obvious similarities.

i’d love to see any sort of documentation, that points out cross-references; relations between (MAX) objects and (VVVV) nodes – ones similar in both environments. is there anything out there? a “cheat sheet” for folks spilling over from MAX to VVVV, or vice versa?

i’d be gracious!

note: i posted this same question on the MAX forum over at, for anybody who’d like to follow up

helo bennn…

i am not aware of such an overview, but this website is a wiki, so you can easily start a page and collect your findings…

right below the “Search” box in the top-right corner press: new -> wiki page to start a new page. see wikisyntax for details on formatting.

those “similarities” are they look the same from far away. they differ in every other ways. seriously in every fucking way

it’s like comparing C# to Haskell. they both are programming languages written with the english alphabet and that’s what they have in common. oh wait C# has lambda functions too (in a completely different way though)

well, they’re both visual programming languages. for one. furthermore, they partially adress similar approaches and an even more similar clientel. there are various objects / nodes that are identical – many of which solely differ as for their name. this is what interest me and would simplify my life.

i think the hop from max to vvvv or vice versa is pretty plausible, where as jumping over to c-sharp is a quantum-leap, compared.

well ja, it probably won’t make sense to try find a node-by-node translation but i’m sure there is a couple of nodes that do quite similar things and have different names that could be compared.

also in a more general sense if you look at vvvvs patching concepts one could probably compare those to concepts available in max.

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HI !

has there been any progress on that matter ?

Looking through the forum, i haven’t found such a cheatsheet yet.
Coming from MAX/PD as well is really think that this would be a pretty cool thing to have. If i’m right and there is really NO such thing around, i could volunteer on that.

when i dug into VVVV some time ago, i have first been pretty intimidated from the differences between VVVV and MAX/PD, even though the visual representation suggests close similarities. i really think some comparison-sheet would be encouraging people who want to know what VVVV is all about (of course along with WESTBAM’s superb video tutorial).

I was tinking it could make sense to first look at the math stuff.

Because thats pretty usiversal (+, -, *, /, sqrt) and then trying to grasp the concept of spreads, and do vector math and so on.

Then another day have a look at strings. Here the both worlds do also not differ too much, although nodes might have different names.

I think once you got those two concepts its time to jump to rendering related things which you dont have in Max/PD anyway too much