Max msp to vvvv osc decoder

Hello there friends, so i am trying to send 3 different numbers to vvvv from max msp. I think i have everything set up, but when i send my number to the address /test in vvvv the oscdecoder it only gives me the first number of the 3. I tried to separate them with vector, stallone e.t.c but nothing happens. i also put the udp in spreads. Anyone tried this before to give me some help? Thank you.

In vvvv, the udp node has an enum which chooses what to do with multiple packets came in one frame. By default it’s set to discard, meaning it will only output the last packet received during the last frame. You can set it to Spread, which will output all packets received last frame in multiple slices. There’s a similar enum on the old school OSC decoder node.

@microdee yes i know, i ve done that already but nothing happens.

you’ll have to tell us a bit more precisely how you’re sending the 3 numbers.

  • are you sending one after the other via the same address?
  • or 3 numbers on one address at the same time?
  • or 3 numbers on 3 addresses?

@joreg ok so lets say i have 10 addresses, its address must have 3 numbers which are constantly changing, i want from its address to have those numbers separated it doesn’t matter if they come together or one after another.

hm… i’m afraid still not clear what we’re talking about.

let me try again…are you doing a, b or c:
send first number: /test 143
then send second number /test 234
then send third number /test 354

send three numbers as one message: /test 143 234 354

send first number on one address: /testOne 143
send second number on another address: /testTwo 234
send third number on another address: /testThree 354


this is what i want to send from max msp in each address. sometimes they might come simultaneously but its not necessary

according to that you’re doing b: you have one address called /fiducial2 and you’re always sending 3 floats at the same time

in that case you’d receive the 3 numbers as spread and can access the individual slices like so:


@joreg ok thats good so far. but when i send numbers from other addresses the also come here and replace the numbers from my current address. is there any way to separate them?

i’m afraid i don’t understand. the patch in the screenshot above makes explicitely sure that only numbers sent to address /fiducial2 are received here!

I understand: you want to handle individual clients separately then. well I’m afraid plain OSC over UDP is not exactly enough for this situation, you’d need a more elaborate communication protocol, like ZeroMQ or MQTT (other one for vvvv or one for VL)

@joreg so i made this quick video, as is hope you can see its all good with the first address, but when i send the data drom the second address they replace the previous.

instead of shaky mobile video use OBS

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@microdee @joreg thank you both for your patience and your time. i think one fiducial at a time will do for know.

well in the case as shown in your video you can proceede as follows:

the dedails of how this works are explained in the OSC_Advanced patch which can be found in the “see also” section of the helppatch of OSCDecoder (Network)

@joreg yeap thats it!! thank you!

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