Matrox Troublehead To Go

Hi there,

I got a weird thing going on with a Matrox Triplehead2Go.
Everything’s running fine at a resolution of three times 1280x800 (so 3840x800) Pixels, as long as I’m on the desktop. But about five seconds after I enter Fullscreen I get some strong digital noise towards the outmost right border on the right screen.
When I reset the fullscreen mode it lasts for like 3 seconds and then the noise starts again.

I exchanged the matrox device, but they all behave the same.
I also exchanged the screen for completely different one and get the same result.

Anyone ever experienced this?
Could it be related to my Radeon HD 7850M Graphics Card?

Have you swapped cables? Especially the one that goes from the gfx card to the triplehead, that should be as short as possible and Dual Link. But if its one particular output it could just be the cable going to that screen…

Yeah, I swapped cables. Hope the outlet itself isn’t broken…

i used to have problems with tripleheads on laptops running on battery power

i’ve done a lot of work with 3HTGs and never seen this. If you’ve replaced the screen, the 3HTG, the cable next thing is GPU. I can’t see it being software/drivers.

i have one broken tripple head
we had some fancy troubles with digital noise but ended up ok most of the time