Matrox gxm count on gtx670

i am reading that all 4 video-outs of the gtx670 are usable at the same time.

has anybody tried to expand 2 or 3 outputs with gxm boxes ?
for example this theoretical setup:

  • dp > th2go dp
  • dvi-digital > th2go digital
  • dvi-analog > th2go digital
  • hdmi > preview

i have seen the official limitations but just maybe it could work without the management software?

if they all work it should do the job, wonder if dp matrox works with digital ones same time

@Hadasi and me tested a Zotac GTX 670 4GB yesterday. Had four 1080p video feeds from the one graphics card.

Very nice =)

No head2go to test with unfortunately. If anyone in London wants to lend me one I’ll be doing more testing next week.

Evga GTX670 2GB +3H2Go Digital+2H2Go Analog= i could get screen config like that (PowerDesk deinstalled), did not test how v4 would deal with this device config

oooh if megalomaniac gamers didn’t exist we wouldn’t be so glad:D


@DiMiX: Cool ;)

pity i dont have third matrox

so it’s working, still last test to do on dp tho
crap dp triple is dp’s on output, but can just try with dvi to dp
wonder if digital will work thru this one

TripleHead2Go DP Edition - DisplayPort to DVI adaptor (sold separately). Ideal for digital monitors.

@dp2dvi: The matrox dvi box doesnt work properly on the mini dp output of intel macs

The Triplehead2Go Digital edition (DVI) works well with displayport, just remember to get an active dual-link DP->DVI adapter to reach the highest resolutions.

these DP->DVI adapters are a bit more expensive, but then you also have the opportunity to run VGA from the Triplehead2Go Digital edition if needed.

btw i tested on hdmi2dvi matrox works also well

@ anton: i tested- DP> 3h2go is working, but (as sunep says) i have simple adapter as on your pic, so I could get max. 2048x768 or 2400x600