Matrox 3toGo issue

I’ve been using a matrox triple-head to go card to run multiple projectors. Last night I noticed a that sometimes when the render window is on the matrox screens, it leaves weird artifacts, a bit like frames aren’t being cleared or something. You can drag the render window onto the other screen and it looks fine, but drag it back and the artifacts appear again. Has anyone else experienced this?

no, sorry.

maybe your grafics card is too weak?

I don’t think so. It’s been ok in the past. Its an Asus nvidia gtx 275…

Here’s an example

Matrox.jpg (837.7 kB)

And the renderer on the main tft screen

TFT Screen.jpg (426.1 kB)

sounds like the typical resolution problem related to matrox dual/triple crappy boxes.

i think i wrote this before somewhere on the forum. my experience: if the windows resolution equals the vvvv fullscreen resolution then something goes wrong. my solution was: set the windows resolution lower or if possible higher than the vvvv fullscreen resolution and then go fullscreen with vvvv. in most cases this worked for me.

good luck.


with very large resolutions this can also always be an outofmemory thing. watch Renderer (TTY) for errors…

I’ve seen issues similar to this but my was fairly intermittent.

It looks to me the you’ve got a corrupted DX texture higher up the chain from the final renderer. I found as solution to my issue was to put a switch(node input) just above the final renderer and put your content layer into input 1 on the switch, nothing on input 2, then connect a IOBox(Value Advanced) set as a bang to the switch pin on the switch. When you see your corrupted layer, hit the bang and it effectively resets all the DX textures further up the chain.

Also, I assume you’re not trying to view a DX texture on another video card at the same time. This will corrupt stuff.

I have been running into similar experiences with an older laptop running a triplehead. I use Resolume to stream video into VVVV and once i open any submenu in resolume my vvvv patch window won’t clear… and when the bass is booming its hard to stop- just gotta ride it.

I am really hoping it is my old ati mobility x1400… Windows 7 made my problems a bit worse as now the streaming from resolume doesn’t work if vvvv renderer is fullscreen. (however I can’t get 7 to reproduce the clear issue on patch window using same routine to recreate error).

This clear issue we are having also might be related to how many directx renderers are open… and in my case resolume opening directx renderers throws everything into blame someone else ballpark. sorry for the long post, love you