Matrix4x4Utils.Decompose incorrect scale

As the title says Matrix4x4Utils.Decompose(position, quaternion, scale) reports scale = {0,0,0} where scale is clearly not 0. Note this is not the node but this is the .NET extension method from VVVV.Utils.VMath

what is the matrix you are putting in? the algorithm works only on specific matrices, is inefficient and if you need this node its often a hint that your patch/code might have a structural problem…

found the problem: I’m being stupid again. sorry for false alarm. (i thought it was Decompose(translate, rotate, scale) while in fact it is Decompose(scale, rotate, translate)) (facepalm)

btw: can you suggest an algorithm without decompose which blends between matrices but it does slerp with rotation?

transformation blending is actually one of the few cases where its good to decompose the start and end matrix and (s)lerp between the individual vectors… :)

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