Mathematical Problem


Right now i’m starting to build a tangible interface using a resonating object, antennas and readers + vvvv to do the math, kinda complex, but a friend of mine is helping me with the hardware part. Now i have to solve the software part.

The hardware setup:

I have a few antennas creating a magnetic field on a plate, now i have a object on the table resonating in that field, the resonating is picked up by 3 individual readers. The distance from the individual readers to the object can then be calculated using the amplitude of the resonance. (If the object is closer to a reader, the amplitude will be higher)

So now i have 3 distances to the object from the individual readers. I now have to calculate the precise coordinates of the resonating object using those 3 distances.

I’ve thought of drawing 3 circles with the radius of the circles being the 3 distances. The intersection of those 3 circles are the coordinates of the object. But is there a mathematical formula for this, or a solution to calculate this in VVVV?




already found the solution for it:

i’m writing it in VVVV now, i’ll post it later on, maybe it can be usefull for someone in the future,