Massive framerate problems - imac


i wanted to try the artoolkit demo on an imac (smaller one with radeon, windows7 64bit).
when i make a patch with just a videoIn and a VideoOut the performance is ok
but when i start something with the renderer i have like 1 frame per minute.

i tried artoolkit tracker on my macbook pro (nvidia, win7 64bit) and i have a way better performance.

is it because of the radeon or what could it be?


Ok, i connected an external Camera and took the ARToolkit Pattern from joerg
which works for me. The pattern in the examples Package somehow doesnt work for me. (but i will make it to)

The internal Camera still has performance problems
but who needs that camra.

ARTK+ really shity be careful not to sign up for an big project with it…
Since it freeframe it uses CPU only