Mass Audio streaming

Just wondering if this is feasable as it may be a superb alternative to a gig i recently worked on. We had 6 line array speaker stacks spaced evenly down a 1.2km line, each stack needed to be audio delayed relative to the distance to the first stack. I was wondering if this would be possible to do this using several laptops all linked via ethernet, streaming the live audio feed to each laptop and delaying the feed respectively. Anyone had any experience in this with vvvv?



with vst plugins you can easily manipulate the audio stream…
have a look here

for the audio over ethernet
have a look at
it works between standard VST compatible DAW …
dunno what’s going on with vvvv & bass asio from vux(to have a low latency)
wormhole must be installed (vvvv vst folder)
on each computer, then just configure the master laptop
as sender and the other laptop’s as receiver’s

6 line array speaker stacks spaced evenly down a 1.2 km line
whaouu …i’ld like to know more about your project!!!

also …wormhole could be added to
software tool link page


do they all have the same or different signals? if the former, i would recommend using standard delay line audio hardware? tried&proven&exact, i’d figure

i would recommend using standard delay line audio hardware

me as an former soundpro too.
delaying independent sources IMHO doesn’t make any deeper sense.

the only theoretical advantage i can imagine would be to measure temperature, wind speed and direction and control the delay times according to these parameters.
but i doubt that it’s possible to get something useful out of this.

somebody ever measured a windspeed in realtime?

kalle…your forgot
humidity (density)

perhaps this causes my ‘dry’ humour…

Ah, the xmas cracker jokes have started already…lol

So the general consensus is going pc based is not a great idea. The actual gig is the anual Great North Run based in Newcastle England. We provide the PA and sound infrastructure for the run and the main element for us is providing sound coverage for 1.2km of startline, around 50,000 runners i think. The past 2 year we have used BSS Soundweb and applying the relevant delay and crossover settings locally on each stack/rack. Apparently, although ive never reaseearched it personally, soundweb is the only hardware capable of delivering the amount of delay we need at the audio quality we require. Its a relatively straight forward setup with only 1 live audio feed but the scale of the job is massssiiiive! ;-)

ah well, BSS Soundweb.
almost everythings remoteable here.

you may want to search their “website” for ‘Third Party Control’-information. if you can’t find it, skype me / send me a pm, and i’ll pass it to you.
i downloaded this some time ago and i remember it was really difficult to find there.
i’m into it since yesterday again…