Masking videoin or limiting spread

sitting here, 2 days till show. I realised a mask for the videoin-Webcam via trautner-mask. (Is there a better way?) Now contour throws out two more contour-points, logically the two masks on top and on bottom. These two contour points are biasing the result massivelly - the Clusterpoints are weighting to the middle of the screen…

Now the two ways to solve it:
(A) Setting a mask not with trautner, but how?!
(B) Deleting these 2 slices from the contour-spread… How?!

regards chmee

A/ use a render pass dx texture asvideo node and into your contour and mask however you like
B/ < and > with select node on the y axis would prob help?

Thanks a lot. I did (B) - was (by now) the easy way. But (A) good to know - there’s a node for that :D

regards chmee