Marker (fiducial) tracking without jumping


I’m reading markers (“fiducials”) using the fidtrack-node (FiducialTracker). I would like to avoid the jump of the orientation value when a fiducial is removed, rotated and put in again. In my patch the value is stored when a fiducial is removed, but the value jumps to the new value immediately when it is visible for the camera again.

the fiducial is visible to the camera. It is turned by 20°, then it is removed (not visible anymore). It is turned further by 60° (-> so the whole rotation is now 20°+60°=80°). When I put it back again (fiducial is visible), I want to continue with the value that was visible to the camera before removing (i.e. 20°). Does anybody know a solution for this? Thanks a lot for your support!

see this file: (11.00 Kb)

helo. your patch is missing a subpatch: IDCheck.v4p

hi, you just need a relative value change, like in this patch:

sorry, the patch was wrong, here is it again. but you have to put in a LinearFilter in cyclic mode or a Mod node somewhere, to avoid jumps when turning form 359 to 0 degree…

relative_value.v4p (9.3 kB)