I just happened to learn a few things about Markdown and thought i could share a real In-Memoriam-Aaron-Swartz-Summary about what I learned.

  1. Markdown is beautiful and a real pleasure to edit
  2. “Sites such as GitHub, reddit, Stack Overflow and SourceForge use Markdown to facilitate discussion between users.” wikipedia
  3. In current use cases this markup is used to be transformed into HTML
  4. for the purpose in 3. there are really quick and free implementations in php 1, 2, c# 1 2, js 1, pearl, etc based mostly on regexp
  5. Its original purpose was to rethink email syntax, but botton line is Markdown can have a great future even beyond. WYSIWYG-Editors with additional mouse control can surely not be the end of inputting layouted text

This thread is about discussing real life usages with Markdown in regard to vvvv. And ponder its possibilities and even alternatives.

I would prefer Markdown over wiki syntax on vvvv website.

I made a plugin for markdown