Mapping textured quads to skeleton

Hello there.

We have a project, where we want to let a graphic monster follow passing people on the wall.

I detect the motion with a IR-modified PS3-cam and use it to move a figure created with the skeleton-nodes.

However, I can’t wrap my head around how to place the textured quads between the skeleton joints, and scale and rotate them accordingly. I have calculated the points between the to joints and have the quads placed there, but the scaling and rotation I cannot figure out.

Please help a stuck newbie,

Zip containing the monster-project (18.4 kB)

Hello. Working on similar project i’m developed simple framework for such tasks. It’s places quads to joint positions and sets transform points for accurate rotation and scaling. This is little demo - . I think i can publish it’s sources today, after little refactoring.

Looks grand alg. Looking forward to see source. I have succeeded in placing the quads, but is still having trouble with the rotation.

That’s pretty much exactly what I’m trying to do and i’m stuck at the same spot as tblue. Would be nice to get some hints on how to continue ;)

can you pm your source ? if can send to my email Thanks ;)

This is the github repo - It’s not full project sources, but modules for easy objects controlling. For rotation calculation just use points2vector node. Suggestions and commits are welcome.