Mapping texture on a non squared surface

i got a problem with texuring a non squared surface and i badly need some hints…Also useful references would be very apreciated. I’m a 3d newbie and i’ve built up with vertexbuffer node a flat (but not squared) surface.
Don’t know how to apply the texure omogeneously on it. I’ve tried assigning texture coo. to vertexbuffer pin but it only works on a third of the surface and just for chance…
i cant prepare a single image for each face of the poligon cause than i need to project videotextures on this surface so i nee to be able to map a single image on thewhole surface.
here attached the patch with the mesh and a couple of texture i’ve tryed to map on it.

texture (1.3 MB)


Have you spotted the Homography (Transform 2d) and the GridEditor(EX9) ?

hallo nitro,
actually yes, i’ ve tried to feed coordinates of my shape into homography module but waht seems so simple with a square get really complicated with an irregular form… i couldn’t place the screen points in the right way ( i have 18 instead of four)
i tried several orders but the result is a mess of distorted poligon…
I’m spotting grid editor right now.
But i still wander if there’s a way to just map a texture on my poligon…

have you seen How To Project On 3D Geometry?

Do you have a patch example you can post?

there’s an exmple patch attachet to my first post, with the surface i made with vertex buffer.

sorry I missed your attachment.

I’m finding it a little difficult to understand what you’re trying to do.

Do you want the image of the building to perfectly fill your flat mesh of the building with no distortion of the texture?

i’d like to use it just as continuous surface of projection.
Instead of having manY different areas…
Currently each triangle seems to have his own orientation in space and the texture doesn’t behave as it would on a single surface.
it seems to be an issue of the order i gived to the vertex…
cause mapping just works on the first two triangular faces of the poligon respectively defined by vertex 0_1_2 and 1_2_3 as you can see in the test texture i attached (the first two triangles below).
thats why i hope i just have to find the right way to order all the vertex, or the right way to associate texture coordinates from the vertex buffer node input pin.
thanx for helping!

like this?

texture (1.3 MB)

Actually my aim is to map a texture on the poligon and not to use it as a mask ;)
Also i’d like to know if there’s a right way to build a poligon per vertex to end up with a continuous surface.
but this’s is a smart alternative solution indeed!
much thanx