Mapping - Projector Node


i’m doing some projection mapping with a 3d model of a room and it’s objects, three projectors and a tripple head. very simple shapes, all inside vvvv.

i did reset the projector (no keystones), set the lens to the widest angle and set the bigger F value (F 1,7 - 2,5) for the “zoomratio” pin of the projector node.

but where to get the values for “image width on lens” and “lens depht”? i can’t find them in the manual or on the web. can i calculate them from the focal lenght somehow?

cheers :)

image width on lens: measure the width of the image on the lens with a ruler and use the same units as you you’ve in the rest of your world.

lens depth: (I think, memory a little hazzy) this is how deep into or far out from the projector the lens is. Measure from the front edge of the projector back to lens. Or if the lens sticks out from the projector measure how far out it is. I think this is a negative number if out. This should be represented in the model of the projector in vvvv. Again same units as world.

thx i’ll try. but the lens depth also influences the view of the projector, not just the model in v4.