Map tweet into geometry per word

Hello guys!

We are currently developing an installation where we are communicating a twitter client with vvvv. The idea is to send the strings (after parsed) into vvvv which will work as the display canvas for them. This weekend we will be testing how this works in terms of performance, right now stuck on the way data should be displayed so is time to ask for feedback!
1-Basically we want the tweets to come as strings and then display each word individually attached as a texture to a geometry primitive, meaning that the amount of spaces would dictate the amount of shapes used. I think the way to go here is a combination of split and regexp. I have not much experience with regular expressions and i am not sure this is the way to go, any suggestions?
2-The next issue would be how to have all the words mapped into their own shape (shape per word). Creating the geometries is ok but the mapping of the textures is kinda of tricky. I think the way to go from here is a combination of getslice and stallone spreads (there is a small example here). Still, this is tricky in order to map the textures per geometry.

Any idea how to achieve this?

thank you guys!


stallone_text_v01.v4p (10.2 kB)


hope I’ve helped with LinearSpread Spread Count.

stallone_text_v01-1_mod.v4p (15.2 kB)

Separate(string): Intersperse=‘Space’

Also, Woei’s Text(Ex9.Texture), and try the “textsize” pin to set the scale of your geometry.