Map texture on mesh faces

I’m looking for display an image (or video) mapped on all the mesh faces.
I tried different solutions but I can’t spread the image on all faces because every single face display the entire image.
How can I do?


texOnMesh.v4p (5.1 KB)

you need to share you-r xfile also

texOnMesh 2.v4p (8.7 KB)

try this

This is my xfile made with maya, extruding twice an edge of a plain primitive.

Your patch works perfectly with the three grids but not with my mesh.

Furthermore I’ve tried many ways of extrusion but vvvv always interprets the texture mapping displaying one square in a verse and the others in the opposite side, why? (896 Bytes)

you need to open maya split each face so it is’t single object anymore, then it will work
otherwise you have apply uv map in maya so yo have it as one texture

at the moment your mesh is a single object with uv map overlapping each face you won’t be able to fix it in vvvv like that, unless you do a special shader that will rewrite uv map

Understood, thank you.
Considering that I’m preparing for a project much more complex than this, I think that should be pretty complicated.
I would manage the mesh for displace the vertices interactively and I hoped to mantain the object entire for manage just one vertex a time.
Instead I have to manage simultaneously every face vertices and the uv map or dissect the original texture accordingly with vertex displacement. yuhuu! ;)

Thank you again

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