Many nodes disappear from menu when v4 is run from a .bat

just checked on 4 different machines (win8.1 and 7), from beta30 to 33.7 and latest alpha

quickest way to check this is to doubleclick on a patch, type “zip” and see if a bunch of Zip nodes are present, try with vvvv.exe and start_with_demo.bat

seems like all generic nodes are affected…
they do work normally though, and can be copypasted if already present in a patch

also in some rare cases, this behaviour flips, and everything is ok when running .bat, but they disappear when running just vvvv.exe (seems to depend on what was used to unpack the archive with v4 and on a filepath)

besides the file access rights setting of the unzip tool, also check whether the root patch is loaded correctly, it adds paths where nodes are searched. i.e. don’t use /r in the bat unless you are loading a root patch, use /o instead.

and check where the .bat file is, its directory is the ‘working directory’, but you can specify another with a command i just forgot…