Many ioboxes to one iobox

hi there !

I’m not very proud to ask this (cause I think it’s very basic) but I didn’t find how to do (I’ve read the spread tuto but didn’t find anything about this)

I have many ioboxes with 1 slice of value (from outputs of other nodes) and I would like to put all of them in 1 IObox with many slices to get all these values in 1 IObox.

if somebody know, please tell me ^^

EDIT : OH ! I just find how, with the stallone node, didn’t know that it can be put in reversal way :)
sorry for the disturbance

cons or stallone would do it for you

sometimes those Vector-nodes (e.g. Vector (4d Join) ) also are handy

yep guys , thanks ^^ (didn’t know for cons and vector 4D :) )