Manually resized regions snap back to original (minimum) size

… when a node inside the region is moved.

This is a desired behavior for now. So let me tell you that in this case you don’t even need to use the word bug. We could tell the whole story solely by using the word feature! Ah… much better. :D

It’s a feature that you now can manually resize, something you couldn’t before. And still we have the auto compact feature that kicks in as soon as you start layouting inside a region. As long as you don’t concentrate on layouting though you can use the resize feature to conveniently make the region big enough to feel comfortable creating your nodes.
Now what you actually wanted to say is that you have another feature request that allows you to pin the manually resized region to prevent the auto compact feature from taking over. Or you want to have another heuristic when to switch to auto compact so that you don’t need to think about pinning or not pinning regions, which is not really about code but another thing your brain needs to process. You might argue that you don’t want that.

Is this heaven?

Okok. Ehm joking aside. I will close this and wait for a feature request as this will then be more specific regarding the wanted behavior. Thanks you sir

Actually let me just try to specify different wanted behaviors so that we can pick.
A) after manually resizing the region is in a pinned state. Releasing the pin brings back the auto compact feature.
B) after manually resizing the region is in a pinned state. There is no pin that you need to navigate to as this can be painful in larger regions. Shaking an element inside the region brings back the auto compact feature.

Mh I wasn’t aware of the autocompacting feature, so I perceived the behavior as bug. Having to resize the region to the desired size every time a node was moved is tedious at least in my opinion.

Put it that way then.

It took me a while to finish my reply. Needed to leave… And I didn’t reload.

Either A or B would work for me. Don’t think I’ll use the compacting feature.
B sounds more practical for people that will.

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