Manipulate NodeID

any change to manipulate the nodeIDs? Or rearrange them?
need that because of the init process. looks like lower IDs gets init first.


uh, if that’s true, it explains strange startup effects…

strange startup effects usually dampers and framedelay friends
interesting topic tho

yeah, that’s both partially true.

this is really important for all nodes that have AutoEvaluate=true, thats renderers, devices, framedelays, visible ioboxes, etc.

whatever gets loaded first will (in my experience) also be the starting point for graph evaluation. so depending on the node order in the v4p (and not the id) your graph might evaluate in a completely different order.

yeah. recognized this by trying woei’s struct nodes the defintion node has to be create before the other structe nodes. otherwise the pin connection is lost.
so it would be cool to rearrange the node ids.

… automatically