Managing Nugets in large projects

I know at some point we’ll have a really nice dependency manager … but for the time being I’d like to ask for a bit of middle-ground that would already make our lives easier in some situations.

I’m working on a large-scale project with lots of documents and dependencies to various nugets all over the place in different documents.
Setting the project up on a new machine for the first time, or using a stable version over a preview for the first time, or having to delete my nuget folder because of different errors, forcing me to start over … is a pain right now. It takes a lot of time to go through all the documents, following all the red nodes, installing dependencies one after another and sometimes watching vvvv freeze along the way.

The worst case had me restart gamma after every 2-3 nugets because it got entirely unresponsive in the process, so I had to close it, restart it over and over again.

It would be great to have a single button in the Editor traverse through all documents and install all referenced versions… or even better (I think I even saw someone else suggest this already) have some kind of commandline parameter for vvvv.exe to do just that, not even starting the Editor up, because it doesn’t cope well with this anyway at the moment.

Upvoting this for the next release!


I like. Maybe someway to just copy the used packages to a project folder would be nice. Something like this is available is VS, producing a ‘Packages’ folder besides your sln file.

You can do that (manually) and reference that folder using the --package-repositories commandline switch.

This is indeed on the list for the next release. The first point under libraries in will include that feature. When loading a document it will do a nuget package restore on the document and all its dependencies (and transitive dependencies).

The feature already exists in a branch and can hopefully be tested soon in preview builds.


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